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Donations & Dana

Liberation Park is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all gifts are tax deductible. Our 501(c)3 Tax ID Number is: 43-1920530.

How to Donate
Ways to Help Liberation Park

Dana, means "giving" or "generosity." It is the first of the perfections (parami, virtues necessary for awakening) in both Theravada & Mahayana Buddhism. It is also an ancient economic principle that guided societies that valued inter-relationship over things & heart values over commercial ones. (In our society, finding some balance among these values will be a start).

Dana is an impulse & activity that sustains Buddhism on all levels. It is central to the ethos and survival of Buddhist practice communities and monastic sanghas. We give of ourselves and to each other in order that worthy actions, places of value, persons doing good work, and Dhamma practice will be supported enough to be vigorous and healthy. Dana takes many forms in addition to monetary gifts: the four requisites of food, shelter, clothing, and medicine; Dhamma study & practice materials, office supplies, knowledge & skills, tools, etc. Friendship & forgiveness are special forms of dana.

In our society, a certain amount of money is required to do most things, such as pay the mortage and buy building materials. Liberation Park must depend on dana to exist and thrive. Our "income" is the generosity of those who support our work (for which we do not charge). Liberation Park must also live out the spirit of dana if it is to be worthy of such support. We hope that a healthy practice of generosity will nurture our lives & work, as well as the society around us.

If you would like to help Liberation Park thrive in our work and the new projects on the land, please visit our needs page from time to time to explore the meaning and practice of dana in general and how you might apply it in the direction of Liberation Park.

If you would like to make a donation or gift:

501(c)3 Tax ID Number: 43-1920530
Send check to:
Liberation Park "Donations"
P.O. Box 205
Norwalk, WI 54648, USA
For contributors outside the U.S., we've found PayPal to be the most secure and least costly method of donating.
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Our Needs

Fund raising for the Solar Array (12.0 kW) to supply most of our electrical needs has been a success. Cost will be about $35,000. We received a grant of $6,200 from RENEW Wisconsin and have been approved by Focus on Energy for incentive funds of $4,000. Liberation Park supporters have supplied almost all of the rest. As of now, we need about $1,000 more for slightly increased costs. Installation should begin in April, once the frost comes out of the ground (delayed by current cold snap and heavy snow).

Our next project is Landscaping and a Rain Garden around the Guest House to prevent against erosion in heavy rains and for the well-being of visitors. We are working with a consultant experienced in local species. Costs are as yet unknown. Volunteer labor may be needed.

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Dana: the First Paramita

A Dhamma reflection on the Perfection of Giving (forthcoming).