Thinking About Meditation

In a couple of talks at last weekend’s retreat hosted by the Theosophical Society (Wheaton, IL), I offered broad scope perspectives on meditation practice. These perspectives are based on early Buddhist teachings and apply especially to meditation within a Buddhist understanding of path. They arte intended to provide useful frameworks for thinking about one’s meditation practice. They may be of use to those who meditate outside that spiritual tradition and wish to understand their practice in terms of spiritual development.

These talks touch on questions such as:

  • what sort of meditation am I doing?
  • why? what is its purpose?
  • what supports it to be effective on its proper terms?
  • what kind of meditation best serves my needs?
  • what do I aspire to in meditation?


Preceding the retreat, I gave a talk on “Simply Experiencing” as the Heart of Mindfulness. This was webcast and will appear on the Theosophical Society website soon.

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Lodging at Liberation Park in Tara’s Vale

With the completion of the Guest House and outfitting the new rooms, we now have an expanded range of lodging options for retreatants.

Winter is a great time for quiet and solitude. Please contact us if you are ready for a few days or more of personal retreat here.

Dipti & Asmod from Mustang & Kathmandu via Chicago & Beijing

Woods after a snow & before a melt

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Ajahn Buddhadasa’s Retreat Talks 1986-1992

Due to potential bankruptcy of SoundCloud, BIA staff & volunteers have started uploading Ajahn Buddhadasa’s Retreat Talks to BIA’s English language website. More will be added as 2018 unfolds.

Please visit and bookmark

Thanks to all the efforts of Tan Ajahn’s students worldwide who continue to honor and share his skillful ways of connecting us with core Buddha-Dhamma.

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Tiger Becomes Kitty

These kids of the Tathagata* are tigers!
Ferociously pouncing on the Path-Fruit** prey.

Living the wilderness of meditation as he taught,
Sorting out the branches of Satipatthana.***

Body, feeling, minds, and Dhamma —
These four are the territories in which tigers

Circle, stalk, and catch their prey,
Clutched securely in the paws of mindfulness.

Buddhadasa %2850%29 %28medium%29

Any tiger that gets sloppy with Satipatthana
Becomes a house cat, haven’t you seen.

The kittified tiger is gossipped all over,
Once the good name of “tiger” is lost in distractions.

*   *   *

* Tathagata: “One Thus Gone,” one who has realized thusness, Buddha. “Children of the Tathagata” traditionally refers to monks and nuns who have fully embarked within the Dhamma-Vinaya training.

** Magga-phala, fulfillment and fruition of the path

*** Establishments of mindfulness, the basic refuges for contemplative inquiry.

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Chicago meditation workshop

Chicago friends are helping to organize more Saturday meditation workshops in 2018, beginning with January 20th.

Refreshing Practice in the New Year

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