Afghanistan surge a mistake

Tho I had a strong preference for Obama over McCain, and am not tremendously disappointed by the Obama presidency (so far), I never expected him to doing anything radically peaceful viz mainstream US foreign policy (aggressive imperial capitalism at the point of guns w/ veneer of electoral “democracy” and calculated dose of human rights). A surge in Afghanistan will be his first major blunder and might drag him down the sorry road that LBJ took w/ Vietnam.

Here’s a good video that points out the major fallacies and weaknesses behind a military solution in Afghanistan.

Obama should hear from us. We do not approve.

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2 Responses to Afghanistan surge a mistake

  1. hidetada says:

    I saw the video. My heart goes out to regular people like you and me whose lives are violated by the U.S. invasion. I’ve been reading Krishnamurti these days, which really makes me question, what is it that motive us to send our young lives to be in a far away place like that to impose our ideals upon people we’ve never met, whose religions and cultures about which we are clueless? It’s the emptiness and restless of our own heart, the inability to SEE and appreciate what IS, projected outwardly in our lives, institutions, nation and foreign policies. We are ambitious. We want to “accomplish” something even with the cost of losing our lives. This makes our ego (sense of me, I, we the nation) feel good (You can see an obvious influence of Krishnamurti’s and Ajan Buddhadasa’s teachings here). Hide

  2. JaiYen says:

    ‘impose our ideals upon people we’ve never met’

    The same was said about US aggression against Germany and Japan. One has to look at history and ask questions like: Are South Korean people better of than those in the North? Are Germans and Japanese and those they invaded, like Thailand, better off?

    Obama was the least experienced of any candidate in the race, lets hope those advising him have foresight and wisdom.

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