We’ve just had two nights of nastily cold weather. Got down to -28 Wednesday night & -30 last night; the wind chills were in range of -45 to -50.Yet it’s beautiful out. There’s a crisp clarity to the air when sunny, as it was yesterday.

Supposed to warm up today: temps above freezing but wind chill below.

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  1. aimforawesome says:

    What would that be in C? Coldest we’ve had it here in Krabi was about 17 I think. No idea what that translates to in F. I was wondering how you’re handling those freezing cold days there after so long in Thailand.

    I understand how if you don’t think what the cold means – you don’t feel it. Hence the reason I can take cold showers here most days without ‘feeling’ it. I don’t go in with the preconception about what cold is – and that it’s a negative thing. It’s an experience – that’s all. And no sense working yourself up with thought about it before you get under the water. Most of the ‘cold’ is in the mind here in Thailand anyway. Now where you are is COLD!

  2. santi says:

    Multiply C by 1.8 and add to 32 >> F. 17 C = 62 F.
    -31 F is 63 F below freezing = -35 C.
    -50 F windchill = -45 C.

    Having been back in the Midwest for 8 years, I’ve had time to acclimatize, and this is our 3rd winter in Wisconsin. I quite like it. I caught more colds in Siam than I’ve had here 😉

  3. santi says:

    Btw, it’s predicted to get down to -15 F tonight, maybe more. That would be -26 C. But we have heating here, lots of wool blankets, and good warm clothes. No sweat.

  4. aimforawesome says:

    Ha! If you did sweat you’d have a problem when it turned to icicles on your back and under your arms. Sort of like when the tears in your eyelids freeze… I grew up in Pennsylvania… it gets quite cold there and I don’t like it much at all. I could not go from living the last 20 years in tropical climates back to what you’re facing there. Sleeping in front of a fire is quite fun, though I could last only a couple of days, max. Stay warm there!

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