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Weather Wot-me-Worries

Somehow the polar vortex was national news, though it kills far fewer than gun violence. We have survived both, so far. From very cold to rather warm to colder with freezing rain. I guess the weather is being designed in … Continue reading

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Tiger Becomes Kitty

These kids of the Tathagata* are tigers! Ferociously pouncing on the Path-Fruit** prey. Living the wilderness of meditation as he taught, Sorting out the branches of Satipatthana.*** Body, feeling, minds, and Dhamma — These four are the territories in which … Continue reading

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Guest facilities ready

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Since the contractors finished, Jo Marie has been working hard to get the guesthouse and cottage ready with furnishings, amenities, and more. She has painted walls, scrubbed floors, and assembled furniture. (Santikaro was involved with a lot of teaching yet … Continue reading

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Praise God, Honor Dhamma

Through my years at Suan Mokkh, as well as travels as Buddhist monk and teacher, I’ve been blessed to meet many outstanding examples of our bizarre species. Each in their particular ways bring Dhamma alive for us. Two are Mary … Continue reading

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Exploring Bavarian roots and Dhamma

If understood broadly and loosely enough, I just may have Bavarian ancestry. Given the complexities of Central European political history, just about anything is possible. All kinds of peoples have passed through here or settled for a while. Anyway, hosted … Continue reading

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