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Quotations, verses, and other translations from Tan Ajahn.

Ajahn Buddhadasa’s Retreat Talks 1986-1992 Due to potential bankruptcy of SoundCloud, BIA staff & volunteers have started uploading Ajahn Buddhadasa’s Retreat Talks to BIA’s English language website. More will be added as 2018 unfolds. Please visit and bookmark Thanks to all the efforts … Continue reading

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Tiger Becomes Kitty

These kids of the Tathagata* are tigers! Ferociously pouncing on the Path-Fruit** prey. Living the wilderness of meditation as he taught, Sorting out the branches of Satipatthana.*** Body, feeling, minds, and Dhamma — These four are the territories in which … Continue reading

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2017 Newsletter

Jo Marie has just compiled our 2017 Newsletter. Please have a look and review a big year for us.

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Dharma Zephyr on Lake Tahoe

Dharma Zephyr, good friends from western Nevada, hosted a week-long retreat at Camp Galilee on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe in early November. Threatened storms brought no snow but lots of rapidly changing and fascinating weather. Views from the … Continue reading

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Contact and Under the Bodhi Tree

Friends at Tender Shoot of Joy in Milwaukee have explored phassa (sense contact) in October. This is an exploration worth continuing throughout our lives as all hells and heavens arise with contact as the foundation. Being mindful of contact as … Continue reading

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