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This isn’t “the answer”

… yet it makes for one less noisy electricity using device. I found a super-cool manual burr grinder for $275. Practiced restraint and got this one for $50 with a stabilizer insert and shipping.

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Praise God, Honor Dhamma

Through my years at Suan Mokkh, as well as travels as Buddhist monk and teacher, I’ve been blessed to meet many outstanding examples of our bizarre species. Each in their particular ways bring Dhamma alive for us. Two are Mary … Continue reading

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as 2016 draws to a close

Santikaro is back home, settling in for Winter, after a month with dying father & family in Chicago. My usual Thai trip was postponed. Instead, life practice was with the amazing, frustrating, technically gifted, and in many ways broken healthcare … Continue reading

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Weathering Life’s Storms

Life throws us curve balls, fast balls, knuckle balls, and softies. The recent electoral season (USA) and its aftermath, has thrown us some doozies. Yet, there are many ways that this should not be a surprise. Yet we are surprised, … Continue reading

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letter to local editors

In a conversation with Chris Maya last year, I distinguished three main approaches to mindfulness: liberating: application of mindfulness within a genuine spiritual tradition leading to freedom from egoism, suffering, and distress (as in Buddha-Dhamma) therapeutic: application of mindfulness to … Continue reading

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