Charming Cows Park

Antonio, Fatima, Milena, SK, and Davi

After Saturday’s day of practice, some of us took a walk in one of Curitiba’s parks. I can’t spell its name properly, but was told it means “Charming Cows,” referring to the bovines that once grazed there.


Families and couples strolled, joggers jogged, some kids learned to ride bikes, lovers cuddled, sports here and there …

Alfredo taught me how to order cheese puffs with espresso.

Curitiba is graced by a particularly majestic pine called Araucaria, a couple of which showed early fruits.


Ducks and turtles in the lake.

makes a metallic ping-ping sound

Birds, too.

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3 Responses to Charming Cows Park

  1. Fa says:

    Your friends from Curitiba hope your trip back to Norwalk has been quiet and not too tiring. Thanks for all the teaching and for your friendship. We look forward to your return. Metta. Fatima

  2. santi says:

    Thanks. The trip back to Wisconsin was comfortable enough but my stay there was rather to brief. Within a few days I was on the way to Siam, where I now am, struggling with jetlag. I, too, look forward to the next visit. Best wishes.

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