Cycle 2 continues

Santikaro on a good day

Spent the day going through the chemo regimen, chatting with the nurses, tracking the infection,
and generally being comfortable with the situation.

Enjoyed a shower and energetic walk in the morning, followed by another excellent lunch cooked by Marianne.

writing leisurely

I’ve also been working on a reflection using the four ennobling truths to explore the balance between understanding disease and understanding health.

Doug Nopar & Doug McGill

Later in the afternoon, both Dougs dropped by.

We watched the Bears avoid serious embarrassment at the hands of the Packers, shared personal histories, and wondered how quality health care could reach more people more effectively.

The only way, I believe, is to stop for-profit corporations (including pseudo-non-profits that behave just like the for-profits) from making excessive profits off of the pain, fear, and desperation of patients, their families, and their employers.

Sadly, the American way probably values profits over human well-being, ethics, and concern for
each other. But I’d love to be proven wrong 🙂

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9 Responses to Cycle 2 continues

  1. charlie knower says:

    Glad you got to watch the game. I was getting a bit nervous for a while but really, a third string quarterback and they’re expecting him to take them to the Super Bowl.
    Go Packers

  2. leftcoastmetta says:

    Sending you metta from Oregon. I am off to meditation tonight and we will hold you in the light.
    Can you see any birds from your perch? Bluebirds always arrive in Wisconsin March 1. During the years I lived there, spring always began March 1, no matter how much snow was on the ground. (Lots of happy Packer fans in Portlandia)

  3. santi says:

    no expectations, of course, especially with dub bears … but rodgers wasn’t looking so snazzy in the 2nd half either … hanie made it fun

    be cool … it’s only football, not even futbol 😉

  4. Aew says:

    May you and Jo be blessed with strength and readiness through this round 2 of chemo.
    Lots of love and metta.

  5. charlie knower says:

    Santi, you might find this interesting:
    It reminds me of a discussion you and I had re acupuncture. I had been having acupuncture treatments but could not say they were helping. You said that one needs to believe in the treatment (acupuncture) and I replied, all phenomena arises from causes and conditions, meaning, the acupuncture either works or it doesn’t based on the skill of the doctor, what sickness is being treated, etc. Not because of a belief. I do concede the need to be open to such a treatment but, in my mind, that stops short of belief.
    Regardless, we had a good chat, which I remember well. Since my memory is so bad, that feels good. 🙂
    Keep the faith – oops

  6. Claire Quinn says:

    Hi Santi,

    Ellyn sent me a link to your site. I’m sorry to hear of your illness. Hope the chemo went well, it sounds as if you are being well looked after. Sending you lots of positive vibes from the UK.

    Love and Light

    Claire and Simon

  7. JoanRyan says:

    I am so glad you got to watch the game — one of my first memories of you is at Vallombrosa in the diningroom – you were in your robes with a woolen hat, big woolen socks and sandals and you were watching the Bears play and yelling at the screen! so cool!

  8. Susan W says:

    Santikaro, I have just learned that you are at Mayo while I was scrolling down the ENT Facebook page. I am here in Minnesota and available for you and Jo Marie for whatever whenever. Sending good thoughts and love to you both, Susan Whiteman

  9. Bil says:

    Hi Joan! Good memory, and ALL color coordinated in the always stylish Fall dark mustard.

    Thinking of you Santikaro and wondering where my picture is of you in those tie-died socks. Be Well.

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