Earth Day & Easter weekend

Jim & Piew finished laying the bathroom tiles; their focus & good cheer was impressive midst all the chaos of people milling around. The rest of us — Dave, Ruth, & Daisy; Roger; Jo & myself — enjoyed a relaxed, loquacious, sunny Sunday. Junebug got to eat some longer grass in the back pasture.

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3 Responses to Earth Day & Easter weekend

  1. hidetada says:

    Great pictures. I am liking the new website design. I like the banner at the top of the page, too, which shows different images of LP. Great job (sorry I did not keep track of who is responsible for this change)!

  2. Linda in Seattle says:

    Man, that place is going to be finished in no time! How exciting! Looking forward to seeing it in person. More important, it’s terrific to have Santi feeling good enough to updating the blog again!

  3. bhantesila says:

    It is wanderful to here you are atending on paving the backyard and othere small things in the yard. If possible please send me your address, as I am in Milwaukee these days I;ll come to see you in a leisure. Be well, happy and peaceful with the blessings of wholesome thoughts we all are cultivating over our lifetimes.

    Bhante Sila
    Chicago Buddhist VIhara

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