Exploring Bavarian roots and Dhamma

Buddhayana retreat house in Stadel

Buddhayana retreat house in Stadel

If understood broadly and loosely enough, I just may have Bavarian ancestry. Given the complexities of Central European political history, just about anything is possible. All kinds of peoples have passed through here or settled for a while.

friendly neighbors

friendly neighbors

Anyway, hosted by dear old Dhamma buddies Viriya & Beate, and their friends from Munchen, I’ve had the privilege of teaching here again. This time was a study retreat focused on paticca-samuppada (dependent co-arising) and anapanasati (mindfulness with breathing). We enjoyed exploring the original teachings of these core aspects of Early Buddhism, as well as connecting them with our lives in today’s messy world.

poppies_1814A relaxed, flexible schedule made it easy to get over jetlag (compounded by major delays in flight out of Chicago and missed connections) and left ample time for pleasant walks around the neighborhood, a hamlet of 7-8 farming families specializing in spargel and hops.

One lesson is that the meditation sessions can be richer and deeper when not forced by an overly full schedule. Four good sits a day, along with focused reflection and healthy living, are a nice middle way approach to retreat.

fog_1885Afterwards Beate, Viriya, and I have enjoyed walks in the Tyrolean Alps where they have a hut near where the Ziller flows into the Inn halfway between Innsbruck and Salzburg. Bavarian one direction, Switzerland to the west, Italy southwest, and Austria east.

It’s dairy country kind of like home except the hills are taller and social safety net remains.

And still, nothing is worth clinging to as ‘me’ or ‘mine’ or ‘my self.’

In honor of Ludwig, the builder and host at Stadel, Beate provided this picture from within the delightful meditation attic.

Viriya on the left

Viriya on the left


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  1. Rodney says:

    Thanks for the report and photos. Absolutely love the Tyrolean Alps. Great place to walk, breathe and be. Hope you have a safe trip home.

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