First snow, election day, and October

It’s election day and our first snow of the season. Supposed to turn to rain but still coming down in flakes as I type. A beautiful omen, I hope, before I head to the polls in Norwalk.

Will see how the election comes down and whether we get better, more Dhammic government in Washington, Madison, and other capitols. Flakes? Drops? Storms? (see below for more …)

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Back from the Town Hall, it’s still snowing at 1 pm.

Will the election leave us with flakes? drops? storms? Intelligence, compassion honesty, ethics, and responsibility? These were in short supply this excruciating long election campaign. When will the citizenry get tired of the fear-mongering over race, Muslims, gays, taxes, jobs, and healthcare enough to demand good, appropriate government? When will we stop letting “security” justify all kinds of horrors, such as drones killing innocent non-combatants and feeding the terrorism they supposedly fight? When will we decide to live as citizens of a nation made great by our behavior rather than pious & hollow campaign rhetoric? When will we awaken from the confusion of identifying as consumers that leaves us stuck with a bill of goods we can never pay for?

Many questions swirl. The snowflakes grow larger. In our hearts-minds lies a capacity to see with eyes of Dhamma and motivate ourselves to behave as the Dhamma shows. The journey restarts with this moment.

Note: For one account of bi-partisan fear games cynically played by our political mainstream, see this in the NY Review.

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3 Responses to First snow, election day, and October

  1. Ellyn says:

    Yes, it did appear to be an excruciating long election campaign, and we don’t even get US TV coverage here. Hope that it results in a good and appropriate government.

    Nice pictures. I’m envious of your winter mulch in the garden. What is the new building going up?

    — El

  2. santi says:

    Among the side benefits of horses are all their manure for compost and old hay for mulching.
    The new structure is a wood shed, mainly a rough, to keep our wood pile dry. Rafter done and roof under-layment going up this afternoon. Still waiting for the metal roofing — same color as on cottage but less expensive — to arrive any day.

  3. suzanne says:

    I am so happy that the garden was so successful! Looking forward to working up there again in the spring – maybe a work week?

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