Flirtations of Spring

Hillside near Kendall Avenue

Temperatures have been creeping up into the 40s, sun shines, and days lengthen. At night, the temperatures still drop below freezing but less and less as March builds. Snow is melting and evaporating. Patches of ground, grass (some green, mostly brown), and old leaves are showing and growing.

Mud season may be just around the corner: wild flowers, ramps, and other goodies, too.

Or will we get another big storm?

Horses don’t have to eat as much to stay warm.

Apartment roof

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2 Responses to Flirtations of Spring

  1. lorax says:

    Mud season 🙂

  2. hidetada says:

    I liked the expressions “flirtations of spring” and “mud season” to describe this time of the year. I also remember someone who wrote an article in Shambhala Sun called it “brown season,” because all grasses look brown at this time. In any case, I feel much state of instability at this time or the year, and work hard to remind myself to be mindful and be centered.

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