GH16: plumbing, insulation, & more

On the verge of winter, work continues steadily, now almost all of it indoors.

The beautiful eastside porch had screens installed. We think it a lovely space. And just below, two of the concrete columns supporting the posts were trimmed down to ground level using a concrete water-flushing chainsaw.

Most recently, the insulators, Blair and Ron, filled in wall and ceiling cavities. Next up, the in-floor heating will be activated so the sheetrockers can do their thing.

In addition, a drainage channel was cut into the root cellar floor in hopes of mitigating the pooling of condensation and seepage.

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2 Responses to GH16: plumbing, insulation, & more

  1. Aew says:

    Will LP be able to host a retreat in the future?
    Looking great!

  2. santi says:

    Yes, we will and have been supporting Dhamma practice retreats.
    We are mainly oriented to host personal retreats, of any length, or 2-3 Dhamma buddies retreating simultaneously. Each person can organize her/his own retreat with whatever mix of meditation, study, and living with nature needed. All retreats will be in spirit of noble silence.
    We can also host group retreats of 5 or 8 people, depending on the style of retreat and length of time.

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