Improved blood counts

This week’s blood counts showed the neutrophils rebounding nicely. While still short of “normal,” they’re out of the danger range, the immune system has some punch again, and the little scare of a couple weeks ago is past. Now, back to the routine of recovery.

Temperatures dropping steadily, tho some days have been quite nice, still. Other days, like today are rainy. There was even some promise (or threat, depending on your perspective) of our first snow, but the weather service has rescinded that forecast.

The work of getting ready for winter continues. The animals are doing their part by putting on fat and fluffing out their coats.

Hope to have pictures of the prettified stairway soon, once that project is finished.

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8 Responses to Improved blood counts

  1. hidetada says:

    Great news! Thank you.

  2. charlie knower says:

    Good news. Keep it up.


  3. Aew says:

    May you have a wonderful winter.

  4. Rosana says:

    Way to go… Be happy! Enjoy winter. Sagha or not, it’s life!

    Metta. Rosana.

  5. Melanie of Seattle says:

    Deciding to write, new computer and processes, but have been esp thinking of you two when read Santi would be meeting w/ a sangha–am happy you feel able to do something you care so much about–riding the waves of uncertainty heh? Well…despite the winter slowly creeping in, I wish you good footing and beautiful waves ——our first frost showed up this week, but gorgeous trees

  6. ronL says:

    Dear Santikaro
    Just discovered your blog in a google search. V sorry to hear about the health condition. Haven’t been in touch for a long time. I’m Ron and I came with Pin to Suan Mokkh along with Pin’s mum. I think it was more than 10 years ago… We used to communicate in the Buddhadassa discussion group when I was in Switzerland, using email (now cancelled) mitra@iprolink. I hope everything is going well for you, despite the difficulties
    Get well soon!
    Best wishes

  7. nkrandleman says:

    So glad to read this post and the one previous–which I’d missed–both sharing great news! Yay!!

    Like at LP, Chicago’s weather is also inching slowly toward winter, with steps into the 60’s every so often.. With many leaves gone and the grey, rainy skies above, colder weather cannot be far off.

    Thinking of you and Jo, sending metta and love.

    May the healing continue!


  8. James says:

    So glad to hear the good news about your health! I couldn’t beleive how good you looked when when I last saw you with TS0fJ. Keep getting better. I’m so glsd we had a chance to get to LP this fall b4 the snow. I knew it was a good weekend when I was so saddened to leave. Ah well-something else to let go! I wish you a Jo a healthy and happy thanksgiving.


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