Ready for Chemo again

After further deliberations about the infections, both ID (infectious disease) and CR (colo-rectal) docs see no reason to delay chemo any further. Consequently, Dr Thompson, our primary, recommends starting tomorrow and we concur. The infections need to be closely monitored but are par for the course w/ the Hyper-CVAD protocol I’m getting and delaying chemo has its own drawbacks. Besides the lingering infection, all other signs are good.

Mayo Clinic

This 2nd cycle and subsequent even numbered cycles will only be 3-4 days of in-patient, tho still intense. (Odd numbered cycles will be the same as 1st cycle.) So I’ll be back at Generosity House on Monday or Tuesday. The critical neutropenic phase could begin around the 31st and last 5-7 days. Sister Leslie will drive down from the UP to look after me for that week.And Jo Marie will be checking in regularly.

Meanwhile, the ebb & flow of change & uncertainty is ever present. Body and mind and their interactions are never static, except in our pretensions. We can accept this ebb & flow or fight against it. And we can have some understanding of causes & conditions in order to work with it more skilfully. Every change is the path.

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  1. Bil says:

    hmmm, I can’t say that the Fun part of this process is obvious to me, so what is the point? Perhaps the Fun comes later…ahhhh

    I long forward to a long walk to discuss your odd approach to ingesting all these drugs. Many of us finished this phase a lot younger than you. Be well.

  2. charlie knower says:

    The medical jargon is so confusing – and many times elitist. I’m happy you have Jo to interpret. Also glad you’re moving on with the chemo. Keep posting here when you can.

    With metta, as always,

  3. santi says:

    That not-so-obviousness is what makes it a good koan for you 😉

  4. hidetada says:

    For me, the “killer dhamma line” in this post was, “Every change is the path.” I associated this with the teaching, “Truth is a pathless land.” It’s always, “How it is (now) is what it is; How it is (now) is what it is…” My thought will be with you while you go through the second round. Hide

  5. Melanie of Seattle says:

    Thinking of you Santikaro–open hearted wishing you what you need now—I too scroll to end of your “blogs” for the pithy stuff [ medical jargon is whatever]. Earlier blogs some one mentioned going into retreat mode; I would guess day to day is as intense–now is the retreat/practice. Am starting evening college course w/ Joe Pearl-Insight Practice and Spiritual Development–I am recalling a drive to Cloud Mtn we 3 took and talked/laughed the entire way– joyful memories

  6. Bil says:

    …oooh…”The Seven Dwarfs were marching through the forest one day they fell in a deep, dark ravine. Snow White, who was following along, peered over the edge of the steep chasm and called out to the fallen dwarfs. From the depths of the dark hole a voice returned, “The Bears are going to win the Super Bowl!” Snow White thought to herself, “Thank God… at least Dopey’s survived!”

  7. Aew says:

    I can only rely on your comment, said long ago, that Ajarn Bhuddhadhassa took life events as lessons and each one of them taught us new lesson. You have been handling all the “Lessons” so well and teaching us all along with your experience. The lesson about Dhukha that you are going through right now seems to carry a lot of credits or contact hours with it and we wish you don’t have to take this class but none of us has the ultimate power to pick only the lessons we like . Thank God for your strength and the support system that you have which prepared you for this journey as good as one could have imagined. Even then, you just have to “pass” the test . So don’t go for all A’s , just whatever grade it is to pass.
    Thank you again for your kindness in teaching and giving us insights about our quest to conquer, and to pass some life lessons in the past. Best regards, Aew

  8. santi says:

    Actually, Aew, a lot of that dukkha is imagined. Sure, there’s lots of hassles, inconveniences, discomforts, stresses, and pain, but not all of it is dukkha. Plenty of gratitude, appreciation, kindness, and insight to focus on. No need to focus on dukkha, nor to avoid it.

    Or maybe I haven’t seen the worst of it yet … we shall see. Stay mindful.

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