Kittens for Adoption!

Huey, Duey, & Luey (in back): "we just had our ears medicated and can't shake it off."

Jo Marie here ….. How many cats? Six inside and 1-4 in the barn depending on who shows up for dinner. Dallas, Houston and Lubbock will return to the barn in a few days from their sojourn inside…. UNLESS some kind soul/s want to adopt one or more of them! 🙂 Dallas (Duey) in particular would like to be an indoor people cat. They are all vaccinated, wormed, and neutered – and ADORABLE!

Their mama and her colleagues who live mostly at the neighbor’s will soon be spayed so we don’t have repeat litters. Wisconsin has out of control stray and feral kitty populations.

This litter was collected soon enough to have good health care and socializing and could still be someone’s beloved companion animals. If no takers, they’ll still be beloved barn cats, but it’s a harder (and generally shorter) life there.

Huey & Duey in discovery mode

It is particularly difficult for outdoor cats here in winter. Though ours enjoy heated beds & water in the barn, and meals served twice daily it can still be a bit stressful for them. So far our adult cats who live in the barn are there because they are feral or semi-feral and prefer that life to the indoor life.

These three seem now as if they would prefer an indoor life with people. Give me a shout if you’d like to give one of these little guys a chance!

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  1. Ruth Larson says:

    Oh you would have to post those adorable pictures! I would love to adopt one but don’t think my four would be agreeable.

  2. Ellyn says:

    Wish we could take one too, but we are pretty full with critters (have rabbits again).

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