May vistors & sprouts

May has been a busy month of study (small group at the start), full moon ceremony, meeting (Transition Advisory Group), fence moving, teaching, gardening, painting, animals playing, and nature bursting out. Jo Marie has been getting lots done. Visitors have helped out with weeding (multiflora rose), painting (cottage & shed), and gardening. Adrianne & Joe provided seedlings to start the garden. Tuesday evening meditations have been gathering in the back pasture. Here are some images of some of the happenings:

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Special bonus: Jera & Jo playing (on YouTube)

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8 Responses to May vistors & sprouts

  1. Ellyn says:

    Really enjoyed the pictures, and especially the bonus video of Jera & Jo.

  2. santi says:

    Always glad to share some enjoyment of our lives and beautiful living space. Jera is, of course, a sweetheart, as is Jo!

  3. Aew says:

    Thanks for the pictures and the posts on you tube. It is so beautiful in spring. Any produce from the garden yet? Glad to see such good news from your recent check up.

  4. karenkvasnicka says:

    Loved seeing all the animals and beautiful green countryside.
    And Jera is amazing! Jo must be a gentle, compassionate, and talented trainer!
    with peace and metta for all, Karen from Minden

  5. charlie knower says:

    Great to see Jo Marie and Jera working together so well. That video made my day.

  6. Bil says:

    FANTASTIC video, Thanks Jo, amazing and my compliments to your cameraman and banjo player.

  7. Jo Marie says:

    Thanks Byl, Charlie, Karen, Ellyn!
    He’s my Boy!! Can’t believe he’s all grown up already. Hope all of you are well.

  8. Jo Marie says:

    Byl/Bill —- fingers flying faster than brain….. sorry

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