Pavers for the Guest House

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Though most of the work on the Guest House has been long accomplished, a few touches remain to be added. At the start of November, Brian and Eric from La Grange Park, IL, Peter from Madison, and Jim from La … Continue reading

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Heartwood Refuge

Back in September I had the pleasure of a visit to Heartwood Refuge in Hendersonville, NC, to lead a retreat exploring dependent co-arising as portrayed in Under the Bodhi Tree. Venerables Paññavati and Paññadipa are inspired by Ajahn Buddhadasa’s teachings as well as other sources of wisdom.

Following the retreat, I gave a talk for the local sangha: Breathing Emptiness Into the World (9-2-18). The link takes you to YouTube.


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Recent post of Buddhadasa Buddha-Dhamma

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? Is ?n?p?na enough? Some Buddhists say that ?n?p?na is good for calm and concentration but not for insight. They say…

Posted by Suan Mokkh Bangkok – BIA on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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Solar Project is Fully Funded and Operational

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Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Solar Array (34 panels, 11.9 kW). The total cost of $33,977 is fully paid for without having to borrow. Our objective is to produce or offset 90% of our energy needs. Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Solar 3: Commissioning by Co-op

Tuesday, representatives from Oakdale Electrical Co-op inspected and commissioned our new solar generation. Bob from Ethos was on hand to explain and then finish programming the system, including wifi monitoring. The array was online — grid connected — around noon and has been producing since. With mostly sunny weather, we are getting 75-80 KiloWatt hours/day generation, which is more than we use during the day and offsets what we use at night. Excess day production is sold to Oakdale for around 6 cents/KWhr, while we purchase from Oakdale at about 11 cents/KWhr when our array isn’t producing. We will have to wait and see how much summer earnings cover winter usage and fees. So far, we remain happy with the decision to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels.

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