Quick hello

Howdy all ….

In case anyone has wondered, I’m doing fine.

Energy is up & down, as anemia & fatigue have yet to pass. Some days I’m pretty active out at LP; other days less so. When I need to slow down, I do so. Generally, tho, I’m making some progress on the cabin.

As I’m putting what energy I can into land & cabin, I’ve been slow to complete a few blog posts that I’ve begun. There are some interesting lessons about the emotions of this transition. I hope to write more one of these days.

For her part, Jo is clearing up things around the barn.

Best wishes to all!

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4 Responses to Quick hello

  1. Bil says:

    Thanks for the update Santikaro.

    We assumed you were resting, and drinking green tea.
    Best to you & Jo.

  2. Aew says:

    Did you have heat wave advisory like we did here? I can’t believe Thailand is consider to be in a hotter zone than USA. Will there be AC at your cabin for hotter than usual days or the trees help make it feel better naturally.
    We just finished championship swim meet at our team pool. It was impressive to see the american parents work so well together to host such a big event. We were proud to be part of it too, I can’t lead but I can be a good team player.
    Wish I can be a team player here for you and Jo.Thanks for the quick update:)

  3. Rodney says:

    thank you for keeping us up to date with your recovery.

    metta on the wind


  4. charlie knower says:

    Good to hear from you.


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