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  1. Mike Larson says:

    The three brothers are very trusting of each other’s digestive activity.

  2. Rosana says:

    Dear Santikaro,

    thanks for the lovely pictures. Good to know you’re doing well. By the way, you look a lot like your father.
    Love to Jo Marie. Metta. Rosana.

  3. ntschneck says:

    Dear Dhamma Friend,

    Hi, my name is Nathan Schneck. I am a recent college graduate from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. After graduation I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel the world while pursuing a self-designed project as a Watson fellow. My project focuses on the connection between faith and social justice, specifically looking at religious communities whose members live in voluntary poverty and are working to serve the marginalized of society and create community and individual transformation.

    I am currently in southern Thailand at Suan Mokkh after having participated in the 10 day silent retreat. Buddhadasa’s teachings on Buddhism social reform, social nibbana, and dhammic socialism linked with an emphasis on simple living inspired me to come investigate. Unfortunately, speaking with Tamma Veetu (unsure of spelling) he shared with me that most of Buddhasa’s social reform doctrine isn’t practiced around Wat Suan Mokkh today. So I find myself in Chaiya looking for new doors to explore Buddhist social activism in Thailand.

    Tamma Veetu recommended I write you and see if you could provide any assistance. I’m looking to spend the remaining day of August into early September in southern Thailand (really anywhere south of Surat Thani) and was wondering if you knew of any Buddhist social activists or Buddhist NGOs that are serving in this geographic area. I’m interested mostly in monks who are active in social reform efforts and may be influenced by the social reform ideas of Buddhadasa. Any recommendations or insight would be incredibly helpful. One thing is I don’t speak much Thai so that limits the scope in some ways, but I’m open to any suggestions or contacts you would be willing to share.

    Thank you for your time and if you have any questions about me or my project please feel free to e-mail me. Also if you would be interested in skyping to discuss some of the questions I have about Buddhist social reform doctrine, I would certainly enjoy that.

    Much peace,
    Nathan Schneck

  4. Aew says:

    Hi , I’m finally back from my trip and will be corresponding as usual. The more I visited other places on earth, the more I appreciate USA. There’s so many things we take for granted here until we are away from it. Will write again soon. Super nice to see mom and dad’s pictures by the way. I composed a long note to mom, and sent it just to find out it was not sent and lost in my stupidity with computer usage. I can visualize mom getting an email from me that contains nothing in the message. I hope to have patience and time to compose such a long note in the near future so I can send it to her again. Or maybe Anita will type it like this note. She can type as fast as I can talk. Or maybe paying her would help. May you be blessed with better and better day by day strength and health. Love you all! -Aew

  5. lolarosa says:

    hi SK and jo marie. sorry to have been out of touch through the summer. we think of you all the time. it sounds like things are more stable, so i’ll try to give you a call. Laurie

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