Sanghas connecting, friendships deepening

Sanghas & friends in Milwaukee, Rochester, Onalaska, Eau Claire, and Viroqua gathered yesterday to practice meditation, share, listen to a talk by Santikaro, and send metta and dana towards the healing of Santikaro, the lightening of Jo Marie’s load, and the sustenance of Liberation Park as a Dhamma retreat for cultivators in the upper midwest.

Santikaro's manifestation at Tender Shoot of Joy

Reports are that the gatherings were warm, meaningful, and conducive to peace of mind and reflection. While Jo was able to join the Rochester gathering, I, unfortunately, was able to attend only in spirit and digital voice. At 7:17 am I received a call from my care team that we’d forgotten that I was due for more chemo infusions, in addition to red blood cell infusion already scheduled for the afternoon  and the usual ABX. This was rather a bummer, for me, and perhaps fitting as well.

Many thanks to all who participated directly and indirectly. I sincerely hope that the sangha connections flourish and deepen. Liberation Park is at your service.

p.s. Sanghas in Madison, Chicago, and Oak Park will meet in March.

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7 Responses to Sanghas connecting, friendships deepening

  1. Rosana says:

    Dear Santikaro,

    it is with great joy that I hear improvement on you medical condition as well as good practice from so many people around you. May everything that happens to you continue to inspire enlightenment in this world.

  2. Jilly says:

    Good morning! Hoot . . . I just had a great belly laugh seeing the photo of SK’s manifestation in Milwaukee. We were seven in Viroqua and, truly (I am not biased or anything) had a lovely Saturday morning together. Monte led us in qigong, Kathy D. invited the the bell for sitting, walking & set us up for Santikaro’s dhamma talk which seemed to touch a tenderness in us. I facilitated our metta practice which was in 4 parts of “dwelling in the open heart.” We finished with enjoying mindful tea drinking (Green Pond with White Snow) and a sharing circle.
    I recall Robert saying he felt “delight” And, in deed, we left the Yoga for Life Studio with gently falling snowflakes abounding. I am deeply touched by our experience, our generosity and empathy for Santikaro, Jo Marie & LP, as well as the numerous sanghas coming together. Thank you so much Rodney for your support in helping me coordinate this for Viroqua and thank you Santikaro for including me and offering your blessings.

  3. Thank you for your talk Santikaro, I´m so happy to hear you and all the improvements on your health!

  4. Bil says:

    Good to hear you are doing well and you “appear” quite balanced, even color coordinated.

    I listened to your talk, thank you, and am glad you have found so much meaning and learning to share in your healing crisis.

    Be well.

  5. Aew says:

    Thank you for the dhamma talk , though I could just listen half way (machine malfunction,technician at school) It brought back memories of attending retreats at Suan Mokh and when I used to be able to attend my local Zen sitting group. I will write again when i can finish the whole session.

  6. Rodney says:

    Thanks to everyone who answered the call and gathered this past Saturday, and for those gathering in the future for the health and well-being of Santi, Jo Marie and Liberation Park. It’s such a blessing for all of us to be connected through the Triple Gem via Santi,Jo and LP. It brings a lot of joy into my life. As Santi said in his talk, one of the positive results of his illness is how folks in the Upper Midwest have begun to create a network of Dharma Bums (labeling myself here!).

    Didn’t realize how snappy the color coordination was with Santi’s Milwaukee manifestation until Bil made note of it. Nice outfit, simple yet sophisticated, and a wonderful talk.

    Looking forward to further connections with everyone via electronic media, and hopefully connecting in person at Liberation Park sometime this year.

    Continued healing and transformation for Santi and Jo and all sentient beings.



  7. Jo Marie says:

    Felt great on Saturday to have so many friends and practitioners gathered in solidarity – You all are the best!

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