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Sanitsuda Ekachai is one of the old friends I was able to meet up with on the recent Siam trip. She has an excellent Blog — she’s a senior editor at the Bangkok Post — on various topics, including the on-going confusions within the Thai monastic system. She is well grounded in Dhamma teachings, practice, and feminism. I highly recommend her Blog & editorials to anyone trying to follow & understand Thai Buddhism & Thai society.

I’m honored that she recently saw fit to include some of my perspectives in a recent opinion piece:

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3 Responses to Sanitsuda’s Blog

  1. hidetada says:

    A fascinating article. Those that follow are also very interesting. I wasn’t really aware of such problems. Sounds like Buddhism there really needs a fresh air. “Back exporting” Buddhism here may help stir up things.

  2. santi says:

    Buddhism could use fresh air in lots of places. I’m not sure our individualistic, consumer, affluent Buddhism will be much help there.

  3. hidetada says:

    Can’t agree more!

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