Santikaro’s latest challenge

It’s been a good year at Liberation Park. We were able to get some necessary infrastructure in place to support eventual facilities for guests. Now, a new twist: After working on selfish defilements for years, another mis behaving aspect of life has erupted quite suddenly.

On my annual trip to Thailand, which began November 16, I experienced a lot of discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis. I thought is was really bad constipation, but a CT-scan showed a large mass (12 cm by 13 cm) in the lower abdomen and pelvis. This was flattening the lower bowel (sigmoid colon) and putting pressure on bladder, ureters, and lower spine. The doctor felt it was still safe for me to fly home, so we moved up my departure date a few days. With lots of help and generosity from Thai friends, I caught a flight 16 hours after learning about the mass and landed in La Crosse on Friday December 10th.

We went immediately to the ER of Franciscan Skemp Hospital from the airport and was admitted to the hospital Saturday morning. Tests and procedures began. FSH is part of the Mayo system and my lead doctor, a surgeon, was excellent.

All signs pointed to a Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphocytes) and a biopsy was needed to confirm that and also to determine which of the 30 some kinds of lymphoma it is. To work out a treatment plan, the exact form of lymphoma needs to be clear. Currently, the oncologists think it’s a highly aggressive form of non-hodgkins lymphoma, of which there are three forms, each with different treatment strategies. We will have this sorted out on Tuesday when we get to the Mayo Clinic, which will do the treatment.

We’re also being supported by great family & friends. This is very hard on Jo, too, and her Dad is here to look after the apartment and animals. Some excellent naturapathic healers are strengthening me and friends are cooking healthy, healing, tasty food. Many touching messages have arrived by phone and email; we wish we could respond to them all, but are a little overwhelmed with the needs of the situation.

Please check this blog for ongoing reports and Dhamma reflections.

Any metta-karuna that you care to send will be gratefully recived.

May all beings be well.

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11 Responses to Santikaro’s latest challenge

  1. Metta Santikaro! That´s what we are sendig to you and to your family in our daily practices. Nalanda Sumaré (our new group here at home) recieved a beatiful tibetean gong as a gift from Fatima and we sound it for you every day.. I hope you can hear it directly to your heart.

  2. elarson says:

    Sending you metta-karuna from The Netherlands. We don’t have a gong, but Rob says he will bang on his snare drum for you.

  3. mikelarson says:

    We will play “One For Santikaro” (follows the tune “One for Daddy-O” by Cannonball Adderly) at our weekly jazz session. XOX!

  4. Linda in Seattle says:

    I don’t own a musical instrument and my one talent of recrisping mini pretzels doesn’t seem like it’ll be of much help but I can and will send lots of positive thoughts your way. Hugs from Ballard!

  5. hidetada says:

    We are sending a lot of warm, loving thoughts to you Santi. You will beat this (I am watching all the Rocky series for inspiration!)

  6. Raj Bodepudi says:


    The alternative therapies I am familiar with are:

    1 Pranayama: Different types of breathing techniques startting with the basic- deep & slow inhalation and exhalation-ie., oxygenating the whole body

    2 Tibetan technique of wind energies thru meditation-several monks had cured themselves of gangerine that supposedly has no cure,

    3 Drinking juices made up of Cilantro, Ginger powder and turmeric powder-with warm water-separately or together

  7. micheleshields says:

    Sending you Titiksha – the strength to endure the difficult trials.

  8. jiradhammo says:

    Santikaro never die

    Luang Phor Kamjorn and Jiradhammo

    Wat Phatam TAK province

  9. GoddessTessa says:

    I consecrate the fruit of my practice for cleansing and elimination of your discomfort and sending you Loving Kindness that this discomfort will leave your body… and bring you a healthy body…

  10. d.banner says:

    Santikaro…so good to hear that you are up and etaching again…a very good sign….may you continue to be well and prosper, giving freely your wonderful Spirit into this darkened world…

  11. Monserrat says:

    Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to mention that I have really loved surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

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