Siam 2010

Santikaro is in the midst of his annual visit to Thailand. He returns to Norwalk on Dec 13.

a circle of sharing

His trip is sponsored by the Thai Enneagram Association and the first part of the trip was taken up largely with activities and workshops organized by the TEA and co-taught with Joan Ryan. They were enjoyable and insightful, despite struggles with jetlag.

storage for audio media

I’ve also had time to visit the recently opened Buddhadasa Indapañño Archives. In a park on the near north side of Bangkok, the Archives will house all of Ajahn Buddhadasa’s surviving papers, original recordings of his talks, letters to & from him, and other materials of historical interest. Further, there are spaces for exhibits, halls for talks, a meditation room, and more. Liberation Park and the Archives look forward to many years of cooperation.

 bringing some of Suan Mokkh's style to BangkokAlready, the Archives are helping to keep Ajahn Buddhadasa’s open-minded approach to Buddhadhamma alive in Bangkok, something that is badly needed given the last few contentious years of social strife, monastic decline, and the growing influence of a questionable sect.

Between activities I catch up with old friends and students.

Dec 4 thru 11 I’ll be leading a retreat near Khao Chamao National Park.

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  1. hidetada says:

    Thank you Santikaro for this post. Great to hear about Ajahn Buddhadasa’s archives. Hope we all use them to continue his “open minded” approach.

  2. Josane Ferraz says:

    Hello Ajahn Santikaro!

    I liked very much!
    Be happy!

    Josane Ferraz

  3. Josane Ferraz R says:

    Hello Ajahn Santikaro!

    I liked so much. Thank you for this post.

    Be happy!!!


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