After the nasty chills of recent days, today’s temps in the teens doesn’t feel cold at all. I’ve been observing the interrelations among perception, expectation, and experience of “cold.” If I expect to be “cold,” I usually feel it. If I’m properly dressed and don’t obsess on the perception of “cold,” I feel rather comfy (unless there’s a good cold blast of air in the face).

So far, this winter has involved a lot of housekeeping, partly taking care of things (both office and LP proper) while Jo rehabs her shoulder and also sorting thru piles that accumulated over the too busy summer & fall. Getting things — that is, myself — in order.

And making progress on the dependent co-origination book. Slow & fairly steady. Also, tidying up the Suan Mokkh website, translating some poems, and getting new audio ready.

Hope you all are surviving and enjoying the weather, as well as weathering the “recession.”

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2 Responses to Warming

  1. aimforawesome says:

    Dependent co-origination book? I didn’t know you were writing one – very big project, yes? I’ll be waiting for it to be released… 🙂 Vern

  2. santi says:

    Yes, a big project that has laid around half-finished for years. It’s based on talks that Ajahn Buddhadasa gave in December 88, supplemented w/ material from talks given a couple years later. Hope to send it to publisher in a couple months. I think it will be important.

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