Windows, siding, & more

Progress continued on the hermitage with Doug being the continuing player and a work team from Insight Chicago getting the siding & trim started.

Many thanks to Doug for all the help he’s given this summer, and to Martha, Scott, and Ellen for this weekend.

[double-click on a thumbnail to get larger image; follow arrows between images]

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3 Responses to Windows, siding, & more

  1. Aew says:

    Is that a Kuti they are building?
    How many are up? Maybe this is the first one yet!
    Happy Labor day 🙂

  2. santi says:

    Yes, a rather fancy “kuti.” The first. May build a second in a year or two. The next project we are contemplating is a guest house. We’re exploring possibilities with an architect and our building committee.

  3. hidetada says:

    Good to see your picture Doug. Great work!

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