Winter has arrived

Howdy-do Winter!

Cozier and cozier

Daytime temperatures won’t be above freezing for some time ahead and some evening wind chills will be down around zero. The ground is crunchy underfoot. A potential “wintery mix” turned out, fortunately, to be a light snow that’s given a white tint to fields and ridges. LP and our neighborhood has that beautiful wintery look again.

Many blessings to all, may your hearts be beautiful with Dhamma.

Not too cold for a splash

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6 Responses to Winter has arrived

  1. Rosana says:

    How beautiful is winter in snow… The cabin looks great and the ducks are soooo brave. It all reminds me of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

    Thanks for the blessing. I hope you and Jo enjoy a great winter!
    With metta. Rosana.

  2. Rodney says:


    We had a mini dusting over by us yesterday. Nothing stuck. Are the two of you living in the cabin yet? Looking forward to seeing Santi in Mke soon.

    Lots of love,


  3. Aew says:

    I remember how beautiful it was when we peeked from the top window. Can we suggest a view from that window during winter? ^_^

  4. santi says:

    OK … I’ll try to get some pictures from those windows, you’re probably bored of seeing how the cabin looks. Btw, cabin is OK’d for provisional occupancy which we are increasingly doing.

  5. santi says:

    The cold doesn’t seem to faze the ducks at all. They stay out in the open-air pen even on coldest nights, tho we’ve made a cozy coop for them w/ straw bales for added insulation.
    Yes, our weather isn’t that different from what they get in Mpls/SP, which is at the northern tip of our Driftless Region.

  6. charlie knower says:

    I love seeing photos of the cabin. Keep it up.


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