Young flock leaves coop & more from LP

The new flock has feathered out and is learning to live outside the coop. Under the guidance of the geese, they are learning to accommodate with the older flock and other beings at LP.

Santikaro is finishing up the first day of final chemo round. Feels OK.

Brother Mike arrived from Seattle to join Jo Marie & I for a quiet birthday amidst the medical goings on. Jo baked a pumpkin pie and Mike helped her whip up cream topping. Yummy.

As moon and sun run their courses, may we remember the changes going, coming, and right now. Nothing standing still, everything passing. How shall we spend or time?

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5 Responses to Young flock leaves coop & more from LP

  1. William Hunt says:

    Hi Santi and Jo,
    Thank you for your blogs. They are enjoyable to read and inspiring.
    Kathleen and I hope to see you both this summer.

  2. santi says:

    Hi … Miss you guys, too. I’m scheming to get down to Chicago in August … may even be realistic.
    Be well.

  3. santi says:

    Btw, well into Day 2 of this chemo and doing fine.

  4. Aew says:

    I posted on 6-11-11 instead of 6-12 . Glad to hear you are doing fine . 6 months passed by so fast and summer made it faster with swim meets and lots of social gatherings to attend and enjoy. I had to give up labor and delivery because I could not with the many competencies that were required. I have so much fun with my current work though. I got to make the patients laugh and get paid for it, harassing an unborn baby for a living (with their mom’s approval) and also get paid for it! ( it’s just a fetal acoustic stimulation to startle the babies so they will increase their heart rate and pass the NST test ) Most of this work is customer service which I was told to be good at. It’s so true that when you love your work , every day is a holiday! I even have a bonus of working with a very caring doctor who , in her own little way, tries to keep healthcare cost down even when it means she may lose her job here because she did not ordered unnecessary tests and that will mean she will not bring in enough revenue to justify hiring her there! What a woman! all of us 4 nurses have her back and respect her highly.
    WOW , I wrote a lot ! Hope you and JO are doing fine , Jo must be very very busy with work and LP up keeping and swinging by to be with you when possible. Still Bravo to you Jo! Thanks for all the pictures , I really enjoy looking at them again and again. They reminded me of the peace I felt while visiting you and SK last year. Bye for now. AEW

  5. Ellyn says:

    I must have missed this post earlier. So nice that you are spending your time so well with such a wonderful partner in Jo and beautiful critters.

    I love all the pictures. Thanks for posting them. I really like the white ducks with the bouffants — I want one of those. The double headed goose shot is great too. Wow, that’s cool that Jo can bareback on Junebug (or is that Jera?).

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