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Equine community

Jo Marie, who grew up on horseback, has adopted and assumed responsibility for a few new friends from a neighboring farm, as a gift to Liberation Park. We hope the presence of these magnificent, curious teachers will enhance the healing qualities of Liberation Park. Their names are Tara, Jera, and Junebug. Momma is a full Percheron and the two youngsters are Percheron-Quarterhorse crosses.


Tara was pregnant when she arrived in the spring. The foaling date was never clear, probably in June, but we didn't know when and local horse people couldn't get us closer. So we watched Tara diligently for signs of impending birth. We watched for 6 weeks! Jera finally arrived in the wee minutes of July 12th. He was up on his legs within 20 mins and walking soon after. By dawn, he could follow momma up some of the slopes and was mastering them within days. He quickly grew into a lovable, precocious colt.

Spring & Summer Images

Newly arrived Junebug

Junebug arrived October 14. She was born June 2 to one of Tara's sisters and shares the same father as Jera. Her Aunt Heather, from the natal herd & an old friend of Tara, came along to help Junebug adjust as she was weaned and got used to her new home. It didn't take long for Jera to accept his new "big sister" and they became playmates, which took some pressure off Tara's older legs.

Fall Images

Winter quarters

Tara, Junebug, and Jera moved into their new home in early November. We attempted to wean both younguns in December. As Junebug was sneaking milk when she could, and Tara is accommodating, she ended up being weaned twice. Tho cold weather & snow hit at the same time, Tara did fine outside. The kids could shelter in the barn when they needed.

However, the December weaning attempt failed, as both kids were able to reach over the electric fence when Tara stood close enough. We've decided to leave it to nature, and Tara. So all three now have the run of the place and they enjoy exploring. Tara seems always on the lookout for food. The cold weather and snow doesn't faze them. They only go inside when we feed them there. Watching the kids play in the snow is quite fun.

Winter Images