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Meditation practicums

Ocassional workshops in 2017

Saturday afternoons 1:00 - 5:00

Weathering Life's Storms - January 7th -- Full

On-going series of workshops organized by friends of Liberation Park with support from Insight Chicago.

Each workshop offers 3 or 4 practices that make up a well-rounded and well-grounded meditation practice. Guided practices are followed by interactive instruction and Q/A. Suitable for new, experienced, and recovering meditators.

The recent election and its aftermath have been deeply troubling for many us. We struggle to make sense of what happened, find our grounding, and respond skilfully. Many of us are still shocked, sometimes we point fingers, and occasionally we despair. Similarly, financial stresses, serious illness, death of loved ones, family conflict, and climate disruption create storms externally and internally. Buddha-Dhamma and the fruits of its practice offer invaluable resources for weathering these storms as they blow through us. This series will present practical strategies for living with the inevitable storms of life and death.

We will review and test drive practices that, when sufficiently cultivated, give us the strength, balance, compassion, and wisdom to weather the storms that life inevitably contains, including death. The format will be a series of guided practices with background explanations, debriefing, and questions. This recording provides an overview.

Next Chicago workshops, tentatively: March 4th or May 6th