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La Crosse Area Meditation & Dhamma Inquiry Group

1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 6:30-8:30 pm

Location: Wesley United Methodist Church at King & 8th

Contact Santikaro at info at liberationpark dot org if you have questions or to get on the group's email list. The emails will contain weekly themes and details.

Important Location information! The church doors will be locked. The evening's hosts will arrive early to set up and meet you at the door. Please use the 721 King Street entrance, where one of us will be waiting to greet you. Knock if you don't see anyone. There will be plenty of parking on the street. The church also has parking space off of 8th St.

Meditation starts at 6:30 pm. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before then. The "Lounge" where we will be meeting has many chairs. If you prefer to sit on the floor, please bring your own mat and cushion.

Currently, we are exploring mindfulness, meditation, and the noble eightfold path of practice, the primary map of Early Buddhism on how to live a life of awakening into freedom from dukkha. As we delve into these eight key aspects of the middle way and how they interact, we seek practical path lessons to apply within daily life as well as meditation. Our own experiences and insights are central to this inquiry because that's where it happens.

In recent years, the group has explored Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree, Hindrances of Concentration and Insight, and Fundamentals of a Mature Meditation Practice.

Conversations on meditation practice are supplemented by selective study from the early texts.

The current emphasis is on pragmatic, down-to-earth tools for a well-rounded practice.

Citta-Sikkha: Working with Mind-Heart

The Buddhist path is meant to be comprehensive, encompassing lifestyle, ethics, service, compassion, and wisdom. All of these are understood as trainings, tools for transforming a self-centered life into selflessness. Integrating it all are the variety of practices considered citta-sikkha, training of the mind-heart-consciousness. This series will explore this variety and their application to our lives. (Topics listed here are not necessarily in the order we will get to them.)

  1. Four Home Bases (MP3 7.2 mb, 31:33 min)
    what do we come back to re-ground & re-center ourselves in mindfulness?
  2. Rich Vocabulary (MP3 7.5 mb, 32:44 min)
    Buddhism has a rich language for discussing meditation; familiarity with the basic terms is clarifying.
  3. Stuff (MP3 6.6 mb, 29:20 min)
    What are our favorite ways of distracting & disturbing?
  4. Developing Skillful Antidotes (MP3 6.4 mb, 28:08 mins)
    A method (with examples) for working with the stuff of session 3.
  5. Thought Training 1: Reflections & Recollections (MP3 4.6 mb, 20:18 mins)
    Believe or not, learning how to think clearly & critically is important in Buddhism. Dhamma is designed for investigation.
    Guided Meditation: Five Subjects for Frequent Reflection (MP3 4.6 mb, 28:28 mins)
  6. More Recollections:
    Buddhanussati - Recollection of the Buddha's Virtues (Introductory Talk (4 mb, 17:32 mins) | Guided Meditation (5.3 mb, 23:16 mins) | Text)
    Upasamanussati - Recollection of Peacefulness (Introductory Talk (mp3, mins) | Guided Meditation (mp3, mins) | Text)
  7. Dwellings Greater than our Petty Egos: Seeing through and abandoning egoism, self-centeredness, and the sense of self is a lifelong practice. In addition to the insights that dissolve the sense of self, we cultivate expansive wholesome attitudes that foster more transparency of self.

Practicing with Dependent Co-Arising

    1. Dukkha Depends on Birth & Becoming (mp3, 4.9 mb)
    2. Ego-Birth Arises from Clinging & Craving (mp3, 6.0 mb)
    3. The Experiential Nexus: Feeling & Contact (mp3, 4.7 mb)
    4. Guided Meditation on Sense Media & Contact (mp3, 7.5 mb)
    5. Advice for On-going Practice (mp3, 1.1 mb) ... Guide Questions
    6. The Experiential-Perceptual-Cognitive Process (mp3, 7.1 mb)
    7. Guided Meditation on Vedana (Feelings) (mp3, 6.7 mb)
    8. Comment on Vedana ... goes with preceding (mp3, 1.4 mb)
    9. What Are We Embodying?
    10. The Concocting of Consciousness by Ignorance

Practicing with the Four Noble Truths

  1. Suffering & the Quenching of Dukkha (mp3, 6.4 mb):
  2. Suffering, Quenching, & Conditionality (mp3, 7.6 mb)
  3. Your Most Pervasive Forms of Dukkha & Craving? (mp3, 6.2 mb)