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Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree: The Buddha's Teaching on Voidness (1995)

Ajarn Buddhadasa shows how voidness (sunyata) is the heart of every Buddhist teaching and that all paths lead to voidness, if they are truly Buddhist. The simple fact that "nothing is worth clinging to as 'me' or 'mine'" is the most excellent guide to Buddhist practice. Go to pulisher's website.

Also available in German, Italian, Korean, and Mandarin.

Mindfulness with Breathing: a Manual for Serious Beginners (1996)

The system of meditation actually practiced by and most often taught by the Buddha is explained in sufficient detail for intelligent practice but doesn't get bogged down in technical intricacies. Compiled from a series of talks given to Western meditators during a retreat at Suan Mokkh International. Go to publishers website.

Also available in German, Italian, French, Korean, and other languages.

Latest: Under the Bodhi Tree

Compiled from retreat talks exploring the practical understanding of dependent co-arising (paticcasamuppada), this new translation is finally available after a long gestation. Ajahn Buddhadasa's interpretation of paticcasamuppada cuts through a millennium of muddle to present this core of Buddha-Dhamma in a way that we can understand and practice today (rather than waiting for things to sort out in a future life).

This is the most developed and extensive presentation of this teaching available in English. Sixteen chapters are be interspersed with important passages from the Pali suttas. More passaages from the early suttas will appear in a Companion ebook soon.

Go to publishers website.

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PDF Documents Online

In cooperation with the Buddhadasa Indapanyo Archives in Bangkok, Suan Mokkh Online has a growing list of eBooks in English and Retreat Talks Audio too.

This website will be the primary repository for steadily growing Dhamma resources going forward.

Anapanasati-Bhavana (PDF: 1.23 mb)

Ajahn Buddhadasa's "teachers' manual" on Anapanasati. An extensive scholarly discussion and compilation of classic teachings on the Buddha's own meditation practice. Unfortunately, this edition is incomplete.

The Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease

Ajahn Buddhadasa's first series of international retreat talks.

Dhamma for Agriculturists (Thai & English in PDF: 374k)

Available from Kevala Retreat

Certain works by the Venerable Ajahn Buddhadasa are available through Kevala Retreat. In North America (only), please send a check to cover costs & postage -- a few dollars per book is OK; larger amounts count as donations -- along with letter giving your address and the books you want or pay by Paypal and email us (contact details here).

Buddha-Dhamma For Students

tr. Roderick Bucknell, rev. 1988, 85pp.

Handbook for Mankind

tr. Roderick Bucknell, 1984, 237 pp (large type).

The Prison of Life

tr. tr. Santikaro Bhikkhu , 1989, 25 pp.

Happiness & Hunger *

tr. Santikaro Bhikkhu, 1990, 56 pp (small format).

Thoughts & Experiences

notebook with miscellaneous notes (tr. Poonsiri Phanumphai & Santikaro), 213 pp.

The Buddhadasa Indapanyo Archives

Suan Mokkh and the Dhammadana Foundation no longer publish or disseminate foreign language books. The Buddhadasa Indapanyo Archives in Bangkok is now responsible for foreign language publishing and distribution, including eBooks and audio. Santikaro is actively involved in this work as "senior editor."

Buddhadasa Indapanyo Archives

currently out of print (no more copies with us)

in cooperation with The Buddhadasa Indapanyo Archives, we are hoping to make the following available again

Paticca-Samuppada: Practical Dependent Origination

tr. Steve Schmidt, rev. 1992, 114 pp.

Keys To Natural Truth

tr. Santikaro Bhikkhu & Roderick Bucknell; 1989, 157 pp.

Why Were We Born?

tr. Roderick Bucknell

Messages of Truth from Suan Mokkh

tr. Mongkol Dejnakarintra, et al.; 1990, 66 pp., $4.

The Buddha's Doctrine of Anatta

tr. Dr. Mongkol Dejnakarintra, et al.; 1990, 100 pp.

Dhammic Socialism

ed. DK Swearer; 1993, 142 pp.

from Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery

Availability of books varies.

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Me and Mine (out of print)

ed. DK Swearer; 1989, SUNY Press, Albany, NY 12246, USA.

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