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Atammayata: Buddhism's Lost Word

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, from Suan Mokkhabalarama in southern Siam, first took note of this word about thirty years ago. The contexts in which he found atammayata convinced him that its meaning is important ...

Just Say "No" with Atammayata

For our health and sanity, for peace and ecological survival, for liberation, we must say "No!" to the myriad forms of egoism and selfishness, of greed, anger, and delusion, which generate and proliferate consumerism, environmental degradation, poverty, racism, sexism, immorality, and social injustice ...

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Vinaya for Everyone

Vinaya is a term well known in Buddhist countries as the discipline or extensive set of rules that monks follow, or are supposed to follow...Vinaya is necessary, for the Dhamma requires its protection, support, and structure. This applies to everyone, not just monastics ...


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