Tender Shoot of Joy Audio

Talks & Conversation

Santikaro is blessed with the friendship of Tender Shoot of Joy, where he visits, practices, and speaks a few times each year. TSoJ as a group and individual Sangha members visit Liberation Park regularly. "Good friendship" can thrive among individuals and between sanghas.

Some of the talks and conversations have been recorded.

Series on Buddha-Dhamma and Confronting Racism (5 talks Jan-May 2015)

Series on ... ... ... (3 talks Sept-November 2014)

Series on The Middle Way of Understanding & Practice (5 talks Jan-May 2014)

Food Justice: What would the Buddha Do? talk | response | conversation (16 May 2014)

Dharmas of Climate Change talk & conversation (23 June 2013)

Healing Virtues of the Heart (TSoJ, 44 mins; 10 mb)

Winter Solstice 2011

"Solstice, Time, Change" talk (42 min; 9.6 mb) & conversation (41 min; 9.3 mb)

"The Thusness of Life" talk (43 min; 9.8 mb) & conversation (29 min; 6.6 mb)

"The Five Heaps in Context" talk & conversation (49 min; 1.1 mb)