Good work & walk

I’ve been giving a lot of time and attention to It All Depends: the radical core of the Buddha’s truth (possible title), the new book on dependent co-origination. This has been in the works for years but only now is it looking like it will be finished sooner rather than later. A sample chapter is here (pdf).

For change of pace, I took a walk thru LP’s snowy valley. Junebug accompanied me on deer paths to the back of the property, where the other two horses came running up to see what we were doing. The walk out and back, each on different sides of the valley where tree lines meet pasture and creek, was inspiring. So quiet except for our steps and breathing. So beautiful. Creek frozen over here and flowing there. Deer beds, crossroads, and droppings. Lots of apples for the critters.

I feel blessed to have such a life.

Some images from December are available here. More recent ones are in the works.

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May all beings be happy.

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