Moving along: treatment, book work, & cabin

It’s already Friday. The week since Sunday’s discharge  has gone smoothly and the medical routine has been less time consuming. Though I’m still on lots of ABX, and a few days of out-patient chemo are coming in a couple days, it doesn’t dominate the day or use up all my energy. Currently, we’re waiting for the lymphocytes (white blood cells) to drop into the neutropenic range. Should happen soon and then we’ll observe whatever consequences, if any, come of it. Still unpredictable … so far so good.

A benefit of the more relaxed medical regime is that I have energy to give attention to other things, including Dhamma chats with Doug. Also, I’m making corrections for a new edition of Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree and translating a talk by Ajahn Buddhadasa: “After Death is there Birth or No Birth?” Feels good to be doing some work that’s important to myself and many friends.

And we have some happy news regarding the cabin. Jo Marie has taken on management of getting things finished and she’s much quicker at it than I. While I still help with some information, calculations, and pondering, she’s got the electricians in to do the wiring and is finalizing plans with the plumber. She’s scouted up the wood (“car siding”) we’ll use to panel the walls and our Amish friends are ready to do the walls, and more, in March. This flurry of activity is all being coordinated by Jo and I’ve enjoyed letting go of my sense of ownership over it. Lastly, that this work is happening is made possible by the generosity and good will of many people.

Thank you.

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4 Responses to Moving along: treatment, book work, & cabin

  1. hidetada says:

    Thanks for all the great news about you and Jo (and the cabin). It surely made my day.

  2. Aew says:

    What a good news, all around. Bravo to you Jo! You two will be living in the cabin by our next visit! I,m glad to hear about Santikaro still translating AJB books. I will need them for my children since they can only read in English.
    I’ll pray for good number of WBC in the next few days.
    Love,Aew,Anita Raj and Kaushik

  3. charlie knower says:

    I agree, good news all around. Glad to hear cabin construction is moving forward. Very exciting.
    Patti and I are in Texas visiting her brother. We’ll leave Monday for Tucson. Have had a good time traveling and visiting.

  4. merrimonks says:

    Santikaro and Jo, I’m very happy to hear of progress on many fronts and am looking forward to being in Rochester next weekend as your caregiver. Blessings, Merri

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