Not feeling so good

Santi’s having a rough go of things with chemo side effects this round. He’s mostly sleeping these past few days and too mouth sore to eat or talk. BUT, in big picture, we’re half way through treatment. Daily trips to the hospital continue. Next PET scan in two weeks. Our primary doctor – Carrie Thompson –  has been a pillar of sanity and comfort during the time here at Mayo. She thinks the next round  will be delivered a bit behind schedule to let him recover somewhat. One of the meds may be reduced to mitigate side effects.

stove works and insulation is incrreasing

Daniel and Jonas have the stove fired up in the cabin. They’ve walled in the front room  (Santi’s office) and maybe it will be in good shape for him to stay a night there next time he visits home.

We are eternally grateful for the mountains of help, goodwill, metta, and prayers from family, friends, sangha.


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