Co-teaching with Leigh Brasington

Anapanasati (mindfulness with breathing), jhana (meditative absorptions), and  paticcasamuppada (dependent co-arising) were the key elements of a retreat that Leigh Brasington and I have just co-taught. It’s our second go at this and it went smoothly & delightedly, especially with the hospitable confines of Cloud Mountain, WA, where both of us are regulars. This time we had two weeks to delve into the teachings more deeply and the retreatants, as well as ourselves, had more time to delve into the practices, which is especially helpful for dropping into more settled, peaceful, undistracted minds (samadhi). That, in turn, fosters deeper knowing and seeing into things as they are with the help of practices that explore the elements, the body, feelings, the experiential-cognitive process, and more, not to mention the three pillars of the retreat. Tomorrow we disperse back to the unreal world.

Leigh & I will next teach together in April 2010 outside Chicago, sponsored by Liberation Park, Insight-Chicago, and other friends in the Chicago area. It should be fun! Registration is now open and info can be found at

In April, we will explore the same three pillars as they are essential to the path as originally taught and guide many of the same practices. Some of the details will vary and as always we will adjust to the situation and needs of retreatants.

Leigh is a student of Ayya Khema. You can learn more about him and her at his website.

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