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Good work & walk

I’ve been giving a lot of time and attention to It All Depends: the radical core of the Buddha’s truth (possible title), the new book on dependent co-origination. This has been in the works for years but only now is … Continue reading

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Inauguration day

We spent most of I-day in the car, and heard parts of the I-speech over & over on WiPR. It’s so wonderful to be inspired by our “leader” after years of the opposite, to have a president I can respect, … Continue reading

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After the nasty chills of recent days, today’s temps in the teens doesn’t feel cold at all. I’ve been observing the interrelations among perception, expectation, and experience of “cold.” If I expect to be “cold,” I usually feel it. If … Continue reading

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We’ve just had two nights of nastily cold weather. Got down to -28 Wednesday night & -30 last night; the wind chills were in range of -45 to -50.Yet it’s beautiful out. There’s a crisp clarity to the air when … Continue reading

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