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Trillion Dollar Meltdown

I’ve been reading A Trillion Dollar Meltdown by Charles R Morris. The author is clearly a committed capitalist, but also one who has read Adam Smith and gets the need for transparency, honesty, and ethics if capitalism is to begin … Continue reading

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Afghanistan surge a mistake

Tho I had a strong preference for Obama over McCain, and am not tremendously disappointed by the Obama presidency (so far), I never expected him to doing anything radically peaceful viz mainstream US foreign policy (aggressive imperial capitalism at the … Continue reading

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rare snowy day

February this year, and most of January, too, has not brought much snow, after the record falls in December 2008. Today was one of the few exceptions: some fresh images. Come visit when you can.

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Talks on Noble Truth

Latest audio installment in the series on Practicing with the Ariya-Sacca is here. Also, progress is being made on the substantial translation project exploring paticcasamuppada. We seem to get a big thaw each month and a very big one is … Continue reading

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Hurt feelings

Our feelings get hurt because there is somebody having feelings. Who is this somebody? How did he or she come to be born? Just a little while ago!

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