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Pleasant abiding at Liberation Park

The weather this last day of May has been delightful. As we puttered about the garden, dark clouds loomed & breezed by, perhaps the vanguard of the T-storms forecast for tonight. But not yet, for a rainbow was glorious in … Continue reading

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New images

I’ve just posted images from February, March & April, and the Tipi odyssey. Please have a look at the three 2009 albums: Have a happy spring. Join us if you can.

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When will Thai leaders put Dhamma above power & money?

Some of you followed my posts from Bangkok in late Nov & early Dec 2008 during the airport closures. Things never cooled off all that much, and really heated up in April. Now they’ve cooled a bit but the prognosis … Continue reading

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Can busyness and mindfulness go together?

Elsewhere, I have talked about how American Buddhists are trying to adjust Buddhism to fit their lifestyles and their schedules. And it’s my contention that we’ve got it all wrong. The Awakened One was telling us that we have to adjust our lifestyles to practice the Way. Continue reading

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