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Latest Newsletter

We’ve just put together our latest Newsletter (Dec 2009), the only one of 2009. If you have subscribed, you will get it via email. Otherwise, follow this link. Note: Subscribing to the News is different than subscribing to this Blog.

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Dhamma Study in 2010

With friends in Chicago, we’ve planned two programs of study for 2010. The first is hosted by Insight Chicago and will explore the foundation teachings of early Buddhism. This series is suitable for newcomers to Buddhism, as well as experienced … Continue reading

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Charter for Compassion

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Merry Christmas

“The Dhamma itself protects those who practice Dhamma.” Continue reading

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The Middle Way viz Health Care “Reform”

I was in Eau Claire, WI, last night, where I spoke with the Sangha about the Middle Way. Some current issues were raised – the Copenhagen non-action, health care non-reform, and Afghanistan escalation – and the question was asked, “How … Continue reading

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