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Visualization practices

Due to leakage from recent lumbar puncture, I need to stay horizontal for as much of the next few days as possible. Jo Marie caught the problem and Amy, a PA at Station 74 set things right, so I’m in … Continue reading

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No more trifling with suffering

I have not taken dukkha (suffering, distress, dis-ease) seriously enough. I’ve suspected this off and on for some time; my illness has made it clear. Not because the illness is necessarily suffering, but the circumstances and the places where it … Continue reading

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Dhamma & Grief

Sometimes I feel like a failed Dhamma wayfarer as I struggle with grief and loss. Our friend Viriya helps me reframe…. Dear Jo, this goes terrifyingly fast. As each new development is a shock for me I can not even … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

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Alternative vs mainstream treatment

Some friends have written suggestion that I pursue alternative treatments or wondering why I haven’t. Let me explain. First of all, we are already pursuing complementary treatments, that is, non-mainstream approaches that are not at odds with mainstream allopathic care, … Continue reading

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