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We are receiving many kind, loving, and inspiring emails and calls from around the USA and world. We regret that we cannot respond to them all like we’d like, yet believe the writers & callers will well understand our limitations … Continue reading

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Treatment Begun

Dear Friends, We finally received a definitive diagnosis with a not very definitive name: Burkitt’s-like, or highly aggressive B-cell lymphoma not otherwise specified (NOS). It has characteristics of both previous contenders for the diagnosis.   The chemo regimen is an intensive … Continue reading

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Rochester Methodist Hospital

After a day and two nights at home, we drove back to La Crosse Monday morning, collected paper work, records, DVDs, and everything else they had on me, then headed off to Rochester (another 60 miles) before the looming storm … Continue reading

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Supported by Sangha

Our friends at Tender Shoot of Joy in Milwaukee sent out this email yesterday. It beautifully captures part of our story. Dear Friends: The Sangha experienced so many blessings in 2010, one of the deepest being our connection to Santikaro … Continue reading

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Santikaro’s latest challenge

It’s been a good year at Liberation Park. We were able to get some necessary infrastructure in place to support eventual facilities for guests. Now, a new twist: After working on selfish defilements for years, another mis behaving aspect of … Continue reading

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