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Energy not quite so low

Entered the neutropenic phase yesterday. This is when white blood cells are very few and immune system can’t do much to protect the body, which is expected after every cycle of chemo as par for the course. So precautions are … Continue reading

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Energy a bit low

After a fairly energetic weekend, the effects of chemo and the lingering infection are keeping me low-energy these past couple days. Sister Leslie is here to help monitor developments and talk with med staff. Still truckin’

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Cycle 2 continues

Spent the day going through the chemo regimen, chatting with the nurses, tracking the infection, and generally being comfortable with the situation. Enjoyed a shower and energetic walk in the morning, followed by another excellent lunch cooked by Marianne. I’ve … Continue reading

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Chemo dripping along

Checked back into the hospital yesterday morning and am back on Station 74, my home away from home away from home through mid-June. Familiar place, now, with many familiar faces, and familiar routines. Interesting, I guess, to feel comfortable in … Continue reading

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Ready for Chemo again

After further deliberations about the infections, both ID (infectious disease) and CR (colo-rectal) docs see no reason to delay chemo any further. Consequently, Dr Thompson, our primary, recommends starting tomorrow and we concur. The infections need to be closely monitored … Continue reading

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