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Infections update

If any of the medical ups and downs are confusing, then you are in my company. There are times I lose track of the medical jargon and others when I lock into my own interpretation. Jo tried to set me … Continue reading

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January 14-17: Good Visits & Getting Stronger

Time for a quick update. Have been enjoying visits from brother Mike and his partner Linda, and then bosom buddy Merri Monks, who now lives in Des Moisnes. Lots of good talks, warm moments together, and laughs. Health wise, everything … Continue reading

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Back “home” again

Enough of what got me back into the hospital was sorted out and the rest sufficiently stabilized that I was discharged yesterday evening. With help from my parents, Ruth & Dave, I moved back to what will be home for … Continue reading

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The Glorious Upbounds of this Journey

Looks like the body is syill a marvelous things. Knocked around by chemo and infections, it hangs in there, even with full-bore medical treatment and starts to do its stuff. The morning blood work shows numbers back to where they … Continue reading

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Two days in ICU

The ICU provides excellent care: round the clock, proactive, on top of things, superbly intensive. Not, however, a place to feel very good. One is taken to the ICU because one is in pretty bad shape; something has gone seriously … Continue reading

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