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Sanghas connecting, friendships deepening

Sanghas & friends in Milwaukee, Rochester, Onalaska, Eau Claire, and Viroqua gathered yesterday to practice meditation, share, listen to a talk by Santikaro, and send metta and dana towards the healing of Santikaro, the lightening of Jo Marie’s load, and … Continue reading

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Moving along: treatment, book work, & cabin

It’s already Friday. The week since Sunday’s discharge  has gone smoothly and the medical routine has been less time consuming. Though I’m still on lots of ABX, and a few days of out-patient chemo are coming in a couple days, … Continue reading

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Wisconsin’s greatest governor, Robert M. La Follette, declared:

“We have long rested comfortably in this country upon the assumption that because our form of government was democratic, it was therefore automatically producing democratic results. Now, there is nothing mysteriously potent about the forms and names of democratic institutions … Continue reading

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Comfy at Generosity House

Blessings to Alexander Matthew Lacz, his parents Jessica and Al, and his extended family (of which I’m a part) on the auspicious occasion of today’s christening. May the wisdom and love of the “anointed one” guide Alex’s inner life, along … Continue reading

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Metta & Dana days for Santikaro, Jo Marie, & LP

Various Sanghas in our network of friendship & practice are planning a day of solidarity with the works & needs of LP at this time of Santikaro’s illness. These groups are in Milwaukee, Rochester, Eau Claire, Onalaska, Viroqua, and Madison. … Continue reading

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