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Another blizzard coming through

Something will be starting here this evening and building Sunday. Already a blizzard in South Dakota. Will eventually pass though Norwalk and points east. Sadly, for me, Rodney had to leave early to beat the storm. Hope everyone in the … Continue reading

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Chemo cycle 3 going smoothly

We checked in Wednesday 16th to begin the latest cycle of chemo, which got going that evening. So each new day of the cycle begins in the evening and this evening (Saturday) will begin the the fourth and final. The … Continue reading

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Dorothy is right!!

In addition to being cozy with the cats, I was able to go out to the land with Jo. Got to trudge through some of the snow before it melts (warm temps in days ahead) and have a look at … Continue reading

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R&R in Norwalk

I sit on our apartment couch with Flopsy beside me waiting for Jo to return from looking after the horses. Yes, I’m back home in Norwalk and was even able to drive much of the way from Rochester. Though our … Continue reading

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PET Scan and other results

Yesterday, we received what amounts to pretty good news. Of course, good and bad are always relative to ones point of view — e.g. being cured of cancer — and can often be mixed. In this case, the cancer news … Continue reading

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