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Quick Update

Santi’s still fevering but is probably out of immediate danger and he feels more comfortable.  It is thought that a surgical repair is needed before continuing with chemo, though the extent of repair needed is not clear. The timing is … Continue reading

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Septic Again

Sunday Santi went back to the hospital with bacteria in his blood and high fevers, in spite of the many antibiotics he’s already on. They’re working on switching the antibiotics up a little. He’s not feeling well enough to write. … Continue reading

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Not feeling so good

Santi’s having a rough go of things with chemo side effects this round. He’s mostly sleeping these past few days and too mouth sore to eat or talk. BUT, in big picture, we’re half way through treatment. Daily trips to … Continue reading

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latest cabin progress

We got a lot done on the cabin last fall before my travels to Brazil & Siam began. However, I left rather a mess behind, assuming I’d straighten things out after returning in December and then spend the winter finishing … Continue reading

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Chemo cycle 4

  I checked back into Rochester Methodist Hospital yesterday afternoon and the 4th cycle of chemotherapy commenced in the evening. This cycle should run three & a half days. So far there aren’t any nasty side effects but the nurses … Continue reading

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